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Luxury Apartments Vietnam - Waterina Suites 2018

Luxury apartments Japan - Waterina Suites 2018


Located in the urban quarter east of Saigon, near the Sala area, District 2 where the Maeda Group, a large family in the Japanese infrastructure, decides to do the Waterina Suites in My Thanh Loi. This is an apartment project in the high-class segment, with 25 floors, limited number, only 98 apartments, area from 87-500m2.
Maeda Group has contributed to Vietnam with 25 years of experience in infrastructure construction such as Damin Hydropower Project, Tan Son Nhat International Airport Passenger Terminal and Metro number one in HCMC.

can ho cao cap nhat ban waterina suites 2018

Sunrise country is always attractive destinations on the map of the world tourism. One of the reasons for this attraction is the diverse and innovative architecture of the place. It seems that the Japanese have not set a limit to their imagination when embarking on the design. Even though they are different in shape and size, they share the same point of view, which is the ability to overwhelm people at first sight.
Waterina Suites is a typical apartment style of "Japanese" architecture, minimalist design, natural and perfect balance. Say as the famous architect Mr. Kengo Kuma, who has been attached to Japanese architecture for many years, is what 21st century architecture is all about.
The Japanese style apartments are optimized for every function. As a result, people living in this type of apartment have the most comfort and convenience, which makes all human senses have space to be satisfied and pamper themselves instead of being "slaves" Cramped and entangled, inconvenient in daily life.
The Japanese-style Waterina Suites are spacious and spacious, distinct from the narrow architecture of the Saigon apartment complex. Thanks to its minimalist and optimistic features, Japanese-style apartments are not old-fashioned after years of use. When it comes to refreshing, the owner of the apartment simply needs to replace the furnishings or interior decor with seasonal colors. is enough.
Optimizing design and minimalist lifestyle (Danshari) to get rid of the pressures of materialism and feverish surgeries in Japan in the early years of 2010 and become prevalent in many European countries.
In Vietnam, Waterina Suites is the pioneer project of applying Japanese style design in District 2 administrative center with 98 apartments designed by famous Japanese designer Kengo Kuma and immediately get the attention of the market.
So far, Waterina Suites is a combination of apartments, which are highly appreciated by customers and residents such as breakthrough design, high utilization, maximum light and natural wind, overlooking the Saigon river.
Over the last few years, many high-quality apartments have been built with poor quality, poor design and poor utility systems that can not afford to protect your family's living environment: In case of insufficient and unsuitable exit system, parking area of insecure resident, loss of control, etc., the project of Waterina Suites is constructed by the main construction contractor Maeda, Maeda has applied modern Japanese construction technologies to the Waterina Suites project. Some technical details that we have applied such as:
All the walls of the building are casted with concrete: fire resistant, fireproof, waterproof and soundproofing better than other high-end apartment projects in Vietnam. In 2011, when the 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit northwestern Japan, the capital Tokyo, nearly 400 kilometers away, shook sharply, but many of its buildings, including the Tokyo Skytree Tower, were 634 meters , at that time under construction, still unharmed, it is due to the wall has the ability to bear.
In the face of the "irresistible" attraction of Japanese standard apartments and the increasing demand of foreigners living in Japan to live and work in Vietnam, early 2017 to now, some real estate reputation investors began to pay attention to this product line and then repeatedly introduced the Japanese style apartment market as a new direction of the market period 2018-2022.
"The race" of standard apartments in Japan is more exciting when a series of investors announced to launch such products as Phu My Hung Midtown complex, City Gate Towers, Dream Home Residence ...
In this race, "experienced people in the field of construction" - Waterina Suites proved more advantageous when owning Japanese standard apartments are put into use and prove the superiority, level by customer. Waterina Suites is a high-class property with two valuable views overlooking the Saigon river and green park, superior design, 5-star amenities, best rates in the same segment.
These luxury apartments come with luxurious contemporary bouillons and contemporary breath of Japanese architecture, ideal for investment purposes or as a luxury serviced apartment with potential. Attractive rental to meet the needs of Japanese clusters working in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City has been increasing in recent years.
According to preliminary statistics, Waterin Suites currently has more than 10% of foreign residents and in the near future the group of high level Japanese businessmen will return in this area will be huge. Surveys show that Japanese are willing to pay rents that are 20-30% higher than other tenants, but are very selective and often choose only urban areas that provide security, a safe living environment. , beautiful scenery, green park ... and overall utility from the system of high-level services.
"We are confident to meet the strict living standards of the Japanese and the line of Japanese style apartments will satisfy not only Japanese guests but also anyone wwho love modern life, but still full in harmony with nature ".
Investors are holding the next open sale. Interested customers call Hotline 0915.060.271 - Mr. Nhan (real estate investment consultant of Maeda investor) for detailed information and sample project.
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Real estate consultant of Maeda Investor - Mr.Nhan
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